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The traditional techniques of Arita-yaki porcelain have crossed oceans and captivated the hearts of people around the world. However, the technical techniques that Arita potters have passed down and nurtured over the past 400 years are now being lost due to mechanization and streamlining. In particular, the technique of painting, which is one of the most distinctive features of Arita-yaki, has declined with the development of transfer (printing) technology.

I would like to produce pieces that fully utilize the traditional techniques and skills of Arita-yaki porcelain, while at the same time incorporating new techniques, and that allow the viewer to experience the warmth of craftsmanship and human touch that can only be experienced in handmade handwritten work.

To do so, we must work together with the potters of the Kinryu kiln, including the painters who pass on the traditional techniques of Arita-yaki, to preserve traditional culture and further enhance the culture of Arita-yaki with new artistic ideas.

We will continue to provide works of art that exceed our customers' expectations and arouse their emotions, and we will devote ourselves to making our customers' lives more brilliant through our pottery.

Corporate Philosophy

We aim to create works that exceed the expectations of our customers by providing them with a "gokan" experience that they can "see," "feel," "enjoy," "never get tired of seeing even after a long time," and "a high level of perfection.


Location347 Yamauchicho Miyano, Takeo, Saga, 849-2305 Japan
Capital Stock23 million yen
Representative DirectorSakaguchi Kayoko
Head Office347 Yamauchicho Miyano, Takeo, Saga, 849-2305 Japan
Akada Factory4295 Yamauchicho Koyashiki, Takeo, Saga, 849-2305 Japan


July 1978
  • Founded as "Koakae Kiln.
  • Handles the production of traditional Arita-yaki porcelain works of art.
July 1983
  • Kiln name changed to "Kinryu Kiln.
  • Established the top market share in the large Arita-yaki porcelain art industry.
January 1992
  • Established "Kinryu Kiln Ltd.
June 2004
  • The company is reorganized as "Kinryu Kiln Co.


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Online Shop

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